Hi there all, I got an e mail inviting me to register with Madison Who's Who of Executive and Professionals. Here is a link to the site : have any of you heard of these guys ? Is it worth registering ?

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 I Googled on "Madison Who's Who of Executives and Professionals", scanning down the links most seemed to be either their own sites or people posting to forums saying they'd been invited and asking who they are. There were no hits in News search.

 I did note that the banner graphic on their front page seems to be a place holder (blue background with the words "Website Main Banner (950*169 pix)" across it).  I feel that this rather harms any claims to professionalism they might make.

Personally, I've seen so many stories in both web and traditional media about scams based around people setting up "Who's who" directories then charging for inclusion to view any such invitation with anything but great suspicion.  If you are looking for tools to help you build your network then I can recommend LinkedIn (I have no connection to the site other than as a user). 



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It's a scam. Avoid it.


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Thats ok guys thats what I thought just thought I would check !

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Hi there,

I belive this is a different company, but had a call from an "editor" not sure what to make of it, the website checks out and ofcourse there is a charge to be featured in their magazine $259 USD one year, $700+USD 5yr and $900+ life membership. They touted they have a network of 90,000 screened people, what does anyone think, have you done this, just curious as it appears many have?