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Submitted by mauzenne on


We recently launched a revamped Book Reviews section (under the Community -> Book Reviews menu item).

In addition to our ratings (5 Stars), members can rank books basd on their experience as well.


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Outstanding new feature!  Thanks for continuing to make the most useful resource for the community!

Out of curiosity, is there a way to add new titles as a community member, or is the best way to PM you a suggestion?  Can they be added without your "review", relying completely on the community?


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Mike, Mark, and the team:

Great update.   Fellow members, let's rate the books we've read!

John Hack

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Thanks, Sean ... good suggestion! Let me think through the implementation and see whether that's something we can do.

In the interim, if there's a particular book you're interested in having in the reviews, just let us know. Between Mark and I, it's likely we've read it.

Best Regards,

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Thanks for the new feature.

Not to sound disrespectful or ungrateful, but but I'm not only interested in books that you or Mark have read but rather in the whole communities library experiences.  The Yours and Ours book forum is one that I actively read and think is a great resource.  Adding star ratings to that would be cool as well.

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Thanks ... I think.

Again, we'll see what we can do to support the request.

And, please, do continue to use the appropriate forum. That's why it's there.


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As you requested, members can now initiate books reviews.

As one might expect, you will not be able to give it the "Manager Tools Rating". However, once you post your review you'll be able to, as you can for reviews we create, add your personal star rating.

Hope that proves useful!

Best Regards,

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Of course, we'd also appreciate it if folks would limit their reviews to management-related books. There are plenty of great sites for commenting on your favorite fantasy novel – we don't need those here.

And management reserves the right to remove inappropriate or objectionable content. ;-)

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Some manager tool ratings have no stars while others sgmhow 5 greyed out stars. What is the difference?

I am trying to determine if it simply hasnt been read or if it go such a low ratibg that it was given 0 stars



Ps - love the new experience

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Hello Jason,

I'm sorry for the confusion.

Those that do not have a Manager Tools rating should display no stars.  Some that do not have a Manager Tools rating were showing 5 grey stars.  I believe that's been fixed.