I have been with one large company for 13 years now, currently managing a large team (2 yrs), delivering IT services/solutions. 

For the most-part, I feel flat and greatly unmotivated to perform well.   I need to take action but I am unsure about the direction.   This feels like a career-change is in order, but it may that the position itself is unsuitable for me.  I don't want to continue making the same bad career decisions, if avoidable.

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding how to assess a career change?  How do professionals get help with a personal assessment of  their skills & strengths, and perhaps find a more satisfying career path?

Thanks for any help on this.  I have worked with coaches & workshops but have never been close to a quality program.

- Dan


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The What Do You Want To Do? podcast has some great information on assessing your goals. Start there.

You might find that at least some aspects of your current position, and hopefully more than just "some," fit really well into your goals to give you what you want. If they do, you may consider staying and asking for targeted work from your boss. See the podcast on Boss One-on-Ones for tips on how to approach your boss. (I've done this with success. It helps my boss because giving me tasks to develop my skills helps him look good and gets more of his work done. It helps me by getting me specific experiences that will help me long-term.)

As far as getting help, our agency has a Career Development Center that I've found helpful. Also helpful are colleagues and former employers who you have good enough relationships with to give you the straight-up truth about your strengths and shortcomings. It will help if you have a good network.

Good luck!

- BJ

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A similar situation was discussed on this thread, and there are a couple specific recommendations: 

John Hack

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Thanks John that was helpful.  Will look into the book as well.



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I apologize for the late response.  Thanks for your thought-out suggestions.

I am looking for those answers regarding strengths, although I'm doubtful on receiving the straight-up truth.
One issue may be that my boss is located on the other side of the country.  We speak often, but he has a watered-down perspective of our true work-flow environment.

The podcast was helpful (as usual) in understanding the right approach for boss interaction.