Given Mike's profuse (and unnecessary) apologies about occasional echoes, I thought you might want to know that the pitch is strange on the "Airline Seats" episode in the Career Tools cast (7/9/09). It's subtle, but certainly there: Mark and Mike's voices are deeper than they should be. I don't know the exact times, but you the issue is audible at 27:10. Maybe the audio was accidentally pitch-shifted when an edit was made?

It was really strange hearing this on a podcast, because it's usually something you hear when your cassette deck (i.e. an analog medium) is dying! Thanks for the great podcast.

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Pitch is the distance between airline seats.

Thought you were commenting on the content!

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Ha! I was confused as well. :-)

As I noted on the podcast posting itself, the original file was corrupted. If you delete and re-download the show, that should correct the "pitch" issue.