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In the podcast on quick and dirty interviews, Mike mentions at the beginning that he was impressed by someone during a presentation she gave, and he decided then that she would eventually work for him, but he had to wait a while (year and a half?) before getting her to transfer.  I'm assuming that Mike also targeted other people as internal transfers to his team and got them quicker.

Any recommendations on how to solicit internal transfers, without unduly annoying your peers whose best directs you're trying to entice away?


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Do you work on any projects or tangential groups where you see team members performing well? I'd say this would be a good source of building your bench, especially since you have direct experience with their performance. Maybe after a team meeting or something, you could ask this prospect whether they'd be interested in work in your area. (This happened to me twice, and it didn't seem to annoy anyone.)

- BJ

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Your peers are much less likely to be annoyed if you prepare for a smooth transition period of the employee from their group to yours.  

It's hard.  Internal transfers are almost universally resented.   

John Hack