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 First, I love the podcasts.  I've been listening since the beginning and have most of my team listening at this point also.  We've attended the Bay Area Effective Manager's conference and even met up for a beer in Berkeley with a few of the other listeners.

There have been several mentions about an interview tool that would be available at the beginning of 2009 and also some podcasts about interviewing from the perspective of the person conducting the interview.  During this slow economic period, I would really like to be strengthening my bench for when the economy turns around and I find myself able to hire some new talent.

Any news on the interviewing tool or the podcasts?  I would volunteer to help with the programming if that would help.

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"strengthening your bench" .... awesome!

Yes, we're WELL behind the curve on the interviewing tool.  Given our track record here, I won't even dare to mention potential dates.  We do however have an external development team actively working on the tool.

No promises on a delivery date, but we're still committed to getting this done and making it available to all premium members.

Sorry for letting you and others down on this!