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How do I get team member 2 levels up from me work and communicate effectively in my team?

I belong to a small company where we all wear several different hats. I have the title Manager, without having any directs. I run weekly 30 min "update" meetings with my boss, as well as persons that work closely with me (Managers, directors and a VP). This works and I see that this interaction is an absolute plus with how effective we work together. Good developing relationships!. Now the challenge: I have now become the PM for the most important project that our company has. My project team consists of 3 senior VPs, 1 VP, 1 Manager, and a couple of non management people. All are part of a newly merged company so we have no history or relationship from earlier. One of the senior VPs is my boss, so that he is my boss, but I am his Project leader. I have started PM one on ones with my team, but have some issues with my trying to run the project with the persons that are 1-2 levels up. As well, all of the team member are located at a different site so that all PM one to ones are via skype (with or without webcam). Although there is some relationship building with the VPs, there is not much. Any suggestions as to how I can get a commitment, while the relationship building takes its time

Also a Calender management question related to One on ones:

I have been trying to incorporate the trinity into my work situation and find that I need up to 30 min prep for each one on one, and 30 min at the end to get things written down after the meeting. This means that my pre- and post meeting time is adding up significantly into my already busy schedule. Yes of course I should not "need " these, if I am to follow the MT guidance, but I see that I do need them, so that I can be prepared and effective in the meetings and from meeting to meeting. But this makes me VERY ineffective on the whole. Any suggestions?

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 To the second part of your post: what do you do during your 30 pre- and post minutes? I rarely spend more than five minutes before or after a O3? I really don't mean to be rude when I say that even if I tried I couldn't manage to stretch these to thirty.

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With regards to the first part of your post, what are the issues, or the nature of the issues, that you are having with the higher ups on your project?

I too am in a matrix organization and have been encountering challenges with some of the people at my level or above reporting to me.  Role power takes on different meaning or is simply not respected. 

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Problems with deliverables on time, and participation in the project (getting effective time use) are two common challenges. However, a larger issue on the horizon is that I an considering bringing in consultants to cover for gaps left by the senior team members, and even an considering removing them from the project.

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I guess that you have stated the obvious of what I need to address. I do not see getting it down to less that 5 min prep time and follow up, but I can certainly reduce the time. I have fallen out of the habit of handwriting the meeting notes and have gone back to transcribing everything back onto the PC. So I have my next two items set up already: reduce the prep time and file handwritten notes