I seem to be missing something... I have premium subscription, but when I attempt log into the rss feed in iTunes or straight explorer 8, I get a password error.

I am, obviously, able to log into the website so I'm pretty sure I'm entering the information correctly :)

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?


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Not sure exactly what the issue was, but I reset your user records and you should be good to go now.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

Best Regards,

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That seems to have done the trick - thanks!

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i get a password error, please help :)

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Would love to help! Can you please describe the problem more specifically?  I don't see any record of you being a premium subscriber ... is that the issue?

Best Regards,

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Hey Mike,  it looks like i must have created the JG407 account a while back, not remembered the username and signed up for a new one (goldbergj) which is the one i have the premium membership on!  All is well!  I'm 29 and you know they say that memory is the 2nd thing to go!

Thanks, hope to meet see you in ATL in a few weeks! (waiting bosses approval for the class, hopefully on Monday!)


Have a great weekend!


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Ahhhh ... had you told me about being 29, I would have know exactly what to do.  ;-) 

Imagine what happens when you add 20 to that number!  :-(

Great to see you now have it figured out.

See you Atlanta shortly.  Looking forward to meeting you!

Best Regards,

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Hey guys, I have been trying for several weeks to figure out why I continue to get a password error on the Itunes premimum podcast, can you help out, please? 

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Your premium subscription expired on August 24th.  You should have received an expiration notice; sorry if that didn't happen!

Best Regards,

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I also didn't get a notice of mine expiring (which it did a little while ago), and now am wondering if I should do the regular premium content or the Career Tools only.  I'm not a manager anymore, for what it's worth.

As an aside, are there any periodic promotions or specials on the memberships?



....making my way through product management and management of my "ready, aim . . . aim . . . *SHINY!!!* . . . aim . . ." tendencies

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Subscription to premium content podcasts doesn't work for me. I'm a Premium Member, I can login to the website, but iTunes keeps asking for password and doesn't let me download any premium podcasts. Please help.


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We've done some problem solving and fixed the issue. Maggie has sent you an email to let you know what to do if you have further issues.