Wow, to think I almost missed this great podcast thinking, "I don't either travel nor have an admin, I can skip it."

Good stuff hidden within the guise of a travel podcast.  Don't miss out!  Thanks again guys.

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....but was there really enough information for a two part cast?  Look: I love the joshing, and I've learned to tune out the opinionating and asides.  I admire the effort that goes into organizing the cast, scripting the introduction and the summary, and I'm a firm believer in how they "tell 'em what they're going to tell 'em, tell 'em, tell 'em what they told 'em."

But it feels to me like '09 has brought with it a proliferation of the multi-part cast.  Maybe it's just that with two different casts ( a helluva commitment guys!), it just appears to be more multiparters, because both M-T and C-T  have multipart casts.

I think that M-T has lost some of it's crispness and sharp focus.  It's possible these are related to one another, because there's less "content per minute" in a multiparter, and when you're trying to fill two (or three) parts instead of one, it's only natural that you're going to put stuff in that wouldn't make the cut if you had only one episode. It's the old (Lincoln?) story that Mark's cited in the past, that if you want me to speak for just a few minutes I need time to prepare, but if you want me to speak for an hour, I'm ready now.

I've admired and valued M-T podcasts for four years.  I am a happy purchaser of the Interview Series, and a former Premium Member.  But to be honest, I think the quality has slipped a bit this year. What may sound "conversational" to your ears may be excessive verbiage to others, and would be well-served by some sharper editing.   


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Printed itinerary is absolutely necessary in some instances.

I recently traveled to India on business.  On the return leg a printed itinerary was required to get into the airport.  Online check-in was not allowed for international flights - you have to get into the airport to check-in and get a boarding pass...

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Thanks for the feedback, Ken.  To be clear, we don't fill-up a podcast in order for it to be a 2-parter.  Mark writes the shownotes, we record it, and then the length thereof (with some judgment required) determines the number of parts.

Regardless, I get your point.

Thanks again,