I've launched a new Inside Sales team recently. Our "coming out party" is in a couple of weeks, where the whole team will be dining with our RVPs and EVPs of sales. I'm feeling the pressure as these are my hires.

We had a pseudo "trial-run" dinner with my team and my boss last week. Once the wine had been poured, my boss said "does everyone have a drink to toast with"? At this point, one of my new reps interrupted and stole the thunder - he gave his own toast. 

It was awkward and (I sensed) most people at the table felt uncomfortable. I haven't spoken to this person about the excited outburst because we all knew that his intention was good. 

How do I address this so that it doesn't happen again at the big dinner in 2 weeks? 

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It should be an easy conversation.  If you think it was a fine toast, feel free to say so.  However, tell him that with the big wigs coming in, yourself and your team should take a back seat and let the higher ups drive the conversation, make toasts, etc. 

I have used the "we should be flies on the wall" analogy before when I had someone from my team in a "big" meeting where I did not really want them jumping in without following my lead.

Hope that helps.



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Definitely warn them, send out the links to the meal interview podcasts and other meal / etiquette related casts, such as how to remember names, make introduction et al.

FYI - The name casts works - I use it all the tips all the time. When people ask me how come I'm so good at names, I plug MT podcasts.