I'll be attending the Society for Women Engineers next week in Long Beach, CA.  If there are any M-T enthusiasts who are also attending I would love to get together. 

I have never attended a SWE conference but it seems very well organized and interesting.  They seem to have a pretty large Career Fair also - I will be helping to "man" (aka "woman") my company's booth and help with interviews.

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Well I'm back from the SWE conference.  Although I was mostly there as an exhibitor/interviewer for the career fair, the conference impressed me with the workshops and speakers (both technical and developmental).  I believe the organization is very good for networking and I am planning on joining for that reason.

I was disappointed in the lack of experienced professionals that came to my booth (Merck - not a company to sneeze at).  It was virtually all college /  graduate students.   I talked with plenty of employed professionals at the conference but I was just surprised that, especially in this market, no experienced engineers stopped by my booth during the career fair. 

I was also surprised to hear from the students that the female representation in EE and MechE is still about as low as it was when I was in school (let's just say it's far back enough that I thought there would be more now).

Well - that's about it.  I just thought I would share those observations.