I came across this from something Bug Girl posted on another Forum.  Again, a quick google of this student's name brings this up.  A shocking lack of common sense, even if it was an attempt at satire. 

Just google Josh Brorby and see what comes up.  Who is going to hire this kid?

People, be careful what you blog, post, comment on, leave as voice mails etc.





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The link I posted, in case anyone was interested, was this:
The part that resonated for me was the student's statement that "I did not consider that women who have been raped might read this."

Hello? To be an undergraduate in the US and not know how prevalent sexual assault is on campus is pretty shocking.  It is amazing (and depressing) how many of my students--and colleagues--have been assaulted.

The part relevant to this discussion is that all the life lessons that are learned painfully and publicly because of stupidity and ignorance are there forever in the digital age. So we'd better choose wisely.

And, frankly? Beer bong photos from 20 somethings I'm not worried about. A kid that doesn't seem to understand it's not cool to joke about rape...that is not an employee trait I'd want.

Bug, who knows there is plenty of digital dirt on her name out there.....and hopes no one has a shovel

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Eloquent as usual, Ms. Bug Girl.