I am considering accepting a young photographer to our volunteer organisation. She recently shared, in an email, that she has a problem sharing a room with another co-worker (Our campus is a small facility, and singles are sometimes asked to share a room, at least until a single room becomes available). She admits it is a weakness she needs to work on, but that it is something very important to her. She says she is okay with sharing quarters during a short-term field assignment overseas.

To me, the fact that she volunteered this information tells me she may have a high maintenance personality which, in the future, may compel her to complain or be unwilling to take on jobs that may not "fit her standards of comfort".

Should I be concerned? Any recommendations?


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Privacy is a reasonable goal.  I wouldn't consider it a weakness.  Young adults are still adults.  Do you share sleeping quarters with a stranger?  

The fact that she shared this indicates someone who is open and honest.  

Be careful jumping to conclusions ("high maintenance") when something else (a health issue?) might be at work.   

This sort of arrangement is not for everyone.  It's better to know that before that person joins.  Maybe it's not a good fit.  

John Hack