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Hey gang

It's been a while.

For the last 18 months or so, ever since we were acquired by another firm, I've been in a pretty boring job and, to be honest, I've disengaged a little. I really tried to stay on it, doing my best all the time, but sometimes the challenge level is so low that even taking on additional work from my boss and finding projects with other departments is not enough to keep me interested. I'm probably running at about 90% and feel guilty about it.

So last week, when a recruiter called me out of the blue (after finding me on LinkedIn) and talked to me about what I can only describe as "my lifetime dream job", I was a little happy. It's for a director of product development position for a pretty well respected software company. I've already had one phone interview and we're working on setting up an in-person interview after the holidays.

In classic "Tom" style, the minute I got off the phone with the recruiter, I got out my iPod and started putting together a playlist of all the Manager Tools and Career Tools casts that I thought might possibly apply. Suddenly, I had something important to do during my 7-hour drive across Pennsylvania to see my parents: prepare for an interview for a position  that I want an offer for really really badly.

I haven't been around here much since it was hard for me to read about all the fun everyone else was having managing while I wasn't. With just a little bit of luck, I might be back here more often in the future. Or, maybe I'll be back anyway since I'm starting to remember how much I've missed being a part of this community.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Welcome back...and good luck!  

John Hack

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What he said.

Best of luck.  Go get that offer!

- Paul -