I finally understand something today that I have struggled with since stepping into a managerial role ( or, more accurately, since finding Manager Tools and starting to *perform* in a managerial role ). I've struggled about giving feedback, because I kept thinking "what gives me the right?" I was a member of the team, and the fact that I volunteered to manage doesn't make me suddenly know what right behavior is! Who am I to start guiding people?

Tonight the simple and obvious truth hit me: It's my job.

It's no different then when I ask somebody on my team to do a code review. I'm the person on the team that is responsible for reviewing our behaviors.  I don't have to have special insights (although I hope they develop with experience)... it's just that I am the person assigned to do that task. I should do that task to the best of my abilities.

A big thanks to Mike and Mark. Management training is sadly lacking in the workplace today, and Manager Tools had made a big difference for me in a very short amount of time, if only by giving me some idea of where I should be heading.



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I remember the day I took that 2x4 between the eyes and realized I was in charge. It's a great moment!