The co. I work for is a finance co. with a strength of about 12000 employees based in branches/offices spread across the country. Monitoring of all activities therefore becomes challenging & we have seen a rise in cases that could lead to siphoning of money or any potential fraud. Need help to curb such situations & maintain Integrity & Discipline amongst employees. We are already creating awareness communicating via email, text messages on mobile phones & short training on code of conduct at regular intervals. In addition we have initiated publishing names of all those proven guilty of any fraud, thru internal investigations, to all employees in the co.There are regular audit checks as well.What else can be done?

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Wow, Anuja...  This is huge, and I don't know that there is anywhere near enough information here to provide concrete recommendations.  You don't mention where you are located, so I'm really not sure what regulatory constraints apply to you.  I'd consider consulting some type of risk management organization for an independent audit and help with modifying procedures to make fraud harder and more evident.  Remove opportunities, basically

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Yes, we have external auditors as well whose purpose & motive is independent of that of my co. What I am actually looking for is innovative ways to spread awareness amongst the employees so that they refrain from, or atleast think twice before, taking any step.Taking away any rights or responsibilities that may give them an opportunity would mean a huge change in their work profile & role. I live & work in Mumbai, India. These employees I am talking about are frontline sales force who are required to be in touch with the customers directly & since mine is a finance co. money in invariably involved in cash. All processes to keep check are well set. However monitoring whether each & every process is being followed may become micro management.