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BLUF: Can I send my Career Management Document to the Resume Review Service and get feedback on all my bullet points?

I understand that a Resume, sent to a potential employer, is only 1 page.

That said, my Career Management Document is 1 1/2 pages long and growing. How do you handle these longer documents when they are submitted to the Review service?

When I send it out I shorten it, to one page, to make it more relevant to the job I am applying for. I have read the Review Service page and see the first recommendation is "Resume prints from MS Word onto one page easily". But, if I use the Resume Review service I would like  feedback on all of my bullet points. I would just like to know if you have a standard way of dealing with this situation.

Thank You

Canyon R



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Choose a representative one page resume that nicely sums up your career. Submit that. 

I think you'll find that the comments back will be very helpful in buffing up the half-page of accomplishments that weren't sent. 

John Hack

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First thought: JHack responded to my post! How cool is that!

Second thougt: Ok, that's sounds good. I'll do that.

Thanks John for your reply. I'm sure that the feedback will help with the other points.

Canyon R

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Thank you JHack for suggesting a great solution.

Canyon - I'm always willing to answer specific questions before and after the review. Feel free to add any additional questions/situations to the email you send and I'll make sure they are answered. When we do the resume review, we try to show you how/why your bullets are good or bad and therefore teach you how to do them for yourself more effectively. Hopefully that will help with your second half page too.