Any suggestions on how to reply to an email I received from a candidate I did not offer the position to?

Background:  I am in the process of interviewing/hiring an admininstrative assistant.  I have worked with the candidate previously and after interviewing her, decided not to bring her back for a second interview.  I called to tell her and then two days later received an email from her asking why she did not qualify for the position. 

I would prefer to not get into a discussion/debate about her qualifications nor the reason behind my decision.  Below is the response I drafted.  Feedback would be appreciated!

Sue -- We interviewed several qualified candidates for the position and it was an extremely difficult decision.  We are moving forward with those candidates who better fit our needs. I appreciate your interest in the position and taking the time to interview with us and will certainly keep you in mind for future opportunities.



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It's a sticky situation, since anything you say--especially if you respond via email!!!--opens up a liability can of worms.

I have generally just stuck with something along the lines of "the person we chose was just a great match for our needs."  It's usually a true statement, too.

If there was an actual red flag, I *might* mention it on the phone--("did you realize you sent us your sorority rush application instead of your resume?")--but generally, I don't go there.

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Thanks!  I used your line.  :)