I have just subscribed to Members-only podcasts but failed to see any difference between them and original casts (when it comes to a number of casts).

Is it really no difference or I failed to see it?

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The "members only" cast, to me, was intended to encourage folks to register on the Manager Tools site by providing additional free content. The Members Only RSS feed is a legacy from when Manager Tools was starting out a few years ago.

Today, however, the two primary feeds are Manager Tools (enhanced or not) and Career Tools.

FWIW: I do not speak for MT...I am just relaying my impression. I retain all the feeds on my iPod because I have the space.

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Several years ago, I recall there being a few casts that were (albeit free) "Members Only". The John Lucht casts ring a bell.  I have not seen the delination in a while. Oddly, I still use the members only feed since I set it up several years ago to be sure and capture the occasional members only casts in addition to the regular material. My recollection. While all casts have been retained, it has created an hiccup for me becasue my pre-member casts and post-pemeber casts are segreated in the iPod -- the solution has been a smart playlist that combines both albums.

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The non-members feed is limited to only the last approximately 60 podcasts.

The members feed contains all of the podcasts.  Also, for a while there were a series of members only podcasts.  Those included the John Lucht casts mentioned before as well as some specific discussions on the DISC Model. 

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 Why did they discontinue the member-only podcasts?

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It's a guess, but since many of the "members only" casts were about career development, it seems that Career Tools has superceded it.  

John Hack

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You have it right.  And we were increasingly uncomfortable with "limiting" the audience of those casts to registered members.  Yes, it helped gain members, but we weren't comfortable with the trade-off in *impact*.

It's also an understatement that our track record on consistent delivery of Career Tools casts is a tad bit better.  ;-)  

There is still a benefit to membership.  As someone correctly noted, the Registered Members feed has ALL the casts.  The normal feed is limited.  Frankly, this will have to change as the member feed is getting LARGE.  At some point, that's not sustainable from a bandwidth perspective, but we haven't changed it yet.

Best Regards,

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For those who want to know how to subscribe to the members-only feed:

I keep ALL podcasts in my iPhone! I am relatively new to MT, so it is good to have them all.

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Is it necessary to play the entire cast on your computer in order for it to be saved? When trying to download an old(er) cast, this is the only way I have found.

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If you want to save the podcast mp3 files to your computer, it's probably easier to click the "MP3 Download" button (located right below the podcast player).


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When I try to download the podcast mp3 files by clicking on "MP3 Download" button, it just opens and starts playing the podcast in a new window, but does not download it. Any suggestions?

I'm using Firefox on a Mac, if that is helpful.



P.S. I just started listening to MT, and your podcasts are exactly what I've been looking for to help me become more effective as a manager and as an employee.

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Thanks for the kind remarks ... very much appreciated!

What you're seeing is a configurable behavior of your browser. The easiest way around that is to right-click (or control-click on the Mac) and select "Save link as ..." from the contextual menu that comes up.

Hope that helps!