I'm looking for a book (or similar) on anlysing problems. Ie drilling down from data to conclusion/recommendation. Preferably it should not only focus on using numbers as the basis for the analysis.

Thanks in advance.//Rasmus

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I am kind of stumped on what to recommend without a little more info on what you want to measure/analyze.

What kind of problem?

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This book is highly regarded.   Admission:  I have started it, but have not yet finished it.

John Hack

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Hi again.

My earlier question was a bit vague. Lets say Im in a meeting with a client and needs to discues his/her potential problem. Im looking for something that aids my thinking in develpoing and zeroing in on the problem. I do did all the time but it sometimes feel a bit haphazardly where I end up.

A former boss of me talked about funnel analysis, starting wide and then fokusing in more and more narrowly to get to the core of the issue.

I have recently puchased the minto pyramid book and it looks promising.


Thanks again for your answers.


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There are a few good sales books, including SPIN Selling by John Rackham, Conceptual Selling, and The New Strategic Selling that are focused on understanding a customer's real needs.  The techniques of listening and asking questions, then crafting a solution based on their needs, is very much like what you're trying to do.  

PS:  Mark Horstman is a fan of SPIN Selling.

John Hack

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Great, thanks. If Mark is a fan of something then so am I. :-) //Rasmus