I am a young, yet capable assistant manager at a large telecommunications company. I have been working there for almost 3 years, and worked my way up from a casual sales position. I set myself yearly careers goals and have hit them each year so far.


During the last year I have been looking to step up further to a manager role, and have applied for many positions in my organisation.


Last week I received a call from a regional manager from a different region than my own, offering me a position in her region. The position is something i have been wanting for a while, and while it will be a challenge, I have no doubt in my mind i can do it.


I spoke to my current manager and also my current regional manager who, whilst happy for me, were not impressed that I am being poached from a different region. They have also stated to me that i may not be ready for the position, and suggest i decline it, then later on when they believe I am ready, they will give me a suitable position.


My problem is I am not sure how to handle this professionally, without still pushing as hard as I can for the position.


Does anyone have any recommendations for me?





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To be harsh, your superiors do not seem to be looking out for you.

Who are they to say whether you are prepared or not?

While there may be initial hard feelings, if you take tips from the "How to Resign" podcast and modify it slightly for your situation, after some time they will that you left and instead remember how conscientious you were in leaving.

You are the one to manage your own career and their "counter offer" on the surface is just words and most likely empty promises.

Are they ready to offer you a comparable promotion right now? It doesn't sound like it.

Also, has this other manager offered you a position or have you just been asked to interview?

Either way, good luck to you and if you've been a disciple of manager tools, no doubt you're one step ahead of your peers.


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Did the offer include position, location, decision date for acceptance, and compensation? If not, you did not get an offer.

So assuming you did get those details, then thank your current manager for their concern and input. Go through the how to resign process with them and then move on.

Horstman's number one rule of interviewing, "Till you have something, You got nothing", applies here. If you do have an offer now that's what you got, You do not have an offer for the future, so you got nothing.

Giggymac is spot on. You are ahead of the field, move on if YOU want it.

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 thank you for your assistance!! i went back over the "how to resign" podcast as you suggested, and have taken some great insights from it as I customised it for my situation.


I am going forward with the position, as I believe I can do the job, and as I will do it professionally, I can only hope my current superiors will support me.


Once again, thankyou guys, it's people like you that remind me why I love manager-tools so much!!