I've got a peer who's direct is regularly rude to my directs.  My directs have given polite peer feedback to the rude person but there have been no improvements. 

Do I follow the peer feedback model and go to the rude person's manager, or is there a different way recommended to try to get the rude, unprofessional behavior corrected?

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You do not have "feedback" for your peer, do you? You have information about his/her directs that you want to share. I would definitely discuss it, but make sure to use behavioral descriptions. "Rude" and "unprofessional" are not behaviors, they are conclusions you draw from behavior.

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Will do-- I have specific examples that I intend on bringing to the other manager, I just wasn't in the mood to type out the examples in my post.  Thanks for the response.

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Make sure that you are in the mood before you talk to your peer.