1st time poster, so be a little gentle.

As part of my 2010 DAP, we have highlighted I should develop my "executive presence". While looking thru the net, I have noticed a more than a few books and seminars.

Does anyone have any suggestions (books or seminars)?

Would a book be better than a seminar?




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Hi Dean

Not sure what DAP is but am guessing it is something about development program.  There is no one thing that creates an executive presence - it can mean a million different things.  In fact, unless someone defined their version of what an executive presence is, how would you know what to develop?   If your program is any good, it should define whatever executive presence is and give you the plan to achieve it.  Let us know what you find out.

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DAP = Development Action Plan

Executive Presence: What does it mean to you?



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It only matters to the people who are measuring your progress at it.  Get their definition(s). 

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That could mean attire, posture, presentation skills.... almost anything. I think you should see if you can get more information.

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You can't work on your "presence" with others.  There's nothing practical you can do if your assignment is to improve your "presence."  But you can work on what they see and hear from you - and that would be behaviors.


Start by having follow-up conversations to better define what they're looking for - and then put together a workplan that emphasizes behaviors you can work on, and that they can observe.

Good luck!


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This was discussed previously in detail here: 

John Hack