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As I'm now pretty much in the largest role of my life, I've run into a question.

I have four projects that each have deadlines that are at least 6 weeks away.  How do each of you juggle those projects? Do you work a day on each, a week on each, an hour on each.... I'm trying to figure out how to get the most done without being sidetracked by thoughts about the projects I'm not currently working on..

Right now, I have a bad habit of starting one, then jumping to another, then thinking about another one.... you get the idea.

Any thoughts?

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; )

Your approach should change over time.  

Focus is key.  When you're first getting into projects, you need to dive into each project separately;  spend a day focused entirely on one project.  Then a day on the next.  And so on.  Make sure you understand deliverables, processes, risks, mitigations, etc...  And evaluate the lead on each project: does he/she have a firm grasp on issues? 

Once you've got a good assessment of each, spend your time on the highest risk elements.  Take the time (as needed) for each risk, working with the team to mitigate or eliminate it. 

If you're working on the highest risk elements, it's easier to ignore the other stuff because you know it's less important.  

You should not neglect any project, however well it seems to be going.  At least a half day per week.  

And remember Yogi Berra:  "In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is."

John Hack