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Anything written by Marshall Goldsmith almost automatically deserves four stars out of five – “Mojo” deserves all five!

The book begins by defining Mojo as, “That positive spirit toward what we are doing now, that starts from the inside and radiates to the outside,” and giving concrete examples from both work- and personal-life.

The second section of the book sells the concept of Mojo and helps develop the foundation of the concept. This section is more theoretical than the rest of the book, but still delivers solid nuggets of wisdom and insight.

The concrete recommendations and tools for building and maintaining Mojo are found in the third section of the book. There are 12 tools in all, and each is simultaneously simple and profound. Some examples include establishing criteria for your life (What is your maximum commute? How many hours a week will you work?) and influencing up as well as down. This section of the book delivers solid value and is worth the purchase price of the book on its own.

“Mojo” is highly recommended and should be high on your list of books to read next!

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I agree, I just finished this book last week and it is helping to elevate my life to a new standard! Anything by Goldsmith is brilliant!

Jorrian Gelink

Management Architect

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I was on the Leading News call this week and he was on talking about his book. I'm now wishing I'd ordered it from Amazon, as I doubt I can get it before I fly next Tue; might have to see if it's available at the airport.