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I'm preparing to interview candidates for a new position. I would really like to, as part of their interview process, give them the DISC profile. Does anyone know of a way to do this? It would be great if I could pay for their test online, send them a link to take the test, and then receive the results.

I don't have a particular type that I need to fill, but I would like to know more about the candidate to see how he fits in my teams' overall distribution.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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You could be in a sticky legal spot when it comes to using these profiles in this way.

As a certified MBTI Facilitator, we got some fairly vehement instructions to specifically not use the index in a hiring situation.

I would check with your HR office before your proceed.


(Also--I'm MBTI certified, but I like DISC a lot better :)

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I agreed with bug girl check first, MBTI is off limits as an interview question where I work.  If the applicant volunteers it, that's fine but it's one of the things I'm not allowed to ask. - Sam

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The first time I asked about this subject, my HR department said the only behavioral testing permissible was the Activity Vector Analysis (AVA). I've found it useful as an interviewing tool, but it's nowhere as easy to use in day-to-day managing as DiSC.