Good day.  I have been recruited to interview for a position and I would like advice whether or not this would be a good career move.  

Here are the details:

Current Role:  I have been in my current role (non-manager) for 2 years during which I have seen many of my peers, 70% of managers, executives replaced due to the inability to hire effectively for our extremely fast paced, performance based culture.  I have navigated the waters and performed very well.  I have met with the VP of HR and he believes I am ready for management in the right role and believes I will be there in the next year or two (albeit not in my current department/function - where I would like to stay).  We only have one US office of where approximately 400 employees reside.

New Opportunity:  A fortune 500 company with 40,000 employees in the same industry has contacted me for a role that is very similar.  Based on initial conversations, I believe I would be a clear front runner for the position.  The salary will be about the same (I am guessing a 2-4% increase.)

Advantages:  The new role is appealing because it is 6 miles away from my home as opposed to my current position which is 40 miles away (moving isn't an option for our family).  I would save over an hour a day in the car that I would be able to spend with my young kids (who many times go to be before I get home as it is now.)  It will also give me more experience with a slightly different aspect of the same role I have now. If I wait for a management role at my current company, I would continue driving 80 miles a day for the next 3+ years at a minimum.

Disadvantages:   I would need to start over as rebuilding my credibility as a candidate for management, however, it would likely be much quicker this time.  I have yet to see the culture of the prospect company, so it is hard to see how I will fit in.  

I am 31 years old - so a little young in my career.  I want to set myself up, so that if things change, that I could conceivably perform the role of a consultant if I need to in the long term.

What are some factors I need to consider when deciding in making this move?  What thoughts do you have about this move?  

Thanks for any insight.  



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 It looks like you may have a great choice ahead of you.


But for now, the only question you really have to answer is: "Should I interview for the position?"


I know it's hard, but try to remember that - if I understand your post correctly - the only thing you have right now is expressed interest of a recruiter or a hiring manager in a company (not sure which).


So slow down - it's not quite time to worry about the commute to the new job just yet - and take this a step at a time.


My advice: take the interview and learn as much as you can.


Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice and luck.  Took the interview.  The manager is interested.  She has gone 3 months without finding a candidate with the skill set she needs.  I would need to go back and do a presentation - which is typical for my field as a corporate trainer.  It was left up to me to schedule that presentation.

I have learned a some more about the role - so this is one of the questions I am still trying to determine:

Which road leads to career advancement and better experience in this economy?  2-3 years in each role with multiple companies or 6-8 years with one company?  Or is each path dependent on the person or career?

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The only way you will know for sure is after you have done one action or the other.  And even then, you can only compare if you have someone exactly like you in the other role making every decision and move that you would make.  Now you have to start looking at the companies and see if there is a discernible difference. Do you know anyone who has done these career paths in either company?  How did the hiring managers get to their current positions?  Do they promote internally or externally.  These are the types of questions that MAY show you a future path.  And as they say in all the disclaimers for investing, past performance is no indicator of future results.