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Hi guys,

I'm looking to consolidate some ad-hoc communications into a weekly staff format like M&M suggest. Looking over my notes, the recommendation is 10 minutes per direct, with a 90-minute to 2-hour time limit on the overall meeting.

I have nine directs, plus a couple of guys matrixed in from other functional managers that probably ought to be involved. Let's assume I go with just the nine - that's 90 minutes alone for standup briefings. Add the two 15-minute sessions (waterfall and special topic), plus a 5 minute welcome period and we're already at 2:05, and that's with no WWW/TALA or Parking Lot.

My thought is to cut the standup briefings to 5 minutes, which keeps the meeting at 2 hours if you do 5/5/5 for Welcome/WWWTALA/Parking Lot...10 minutes for the PL if WWW/TALA is not done.




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The time needed varies.  If, for example, your team is doing agile development and daily scrums, they may not need 10 minutes each.  

So tighten it up, see if folks can get through in an average of 7 minutes each.  A lot will depend on how much they need to communicate.  Remind them this isn't a project status meeting (you should hold that separately). 

You don't need to do WWW/TALA every week.  Do it during the first one, then once in a while.  Welcome should be very short: you know each other and you're all on time, right?  

The most important thing: just do it.  That's more important than doing it perfectly. 

John Hack