Phone interview ended unexpectedly - failure to close.  is it still ok to close in my thank you letters? 


Thank you.

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Yes. It is recommended to state that you want an offer in your handwritten thank you note. This is covered in the "How to Follow-Up" cast from the Interview Series

if you do not already own the series then I encourage you to purchase the series and retain a copy of the show notes on your hard drive. There is tremendous value in having that content at the ready.

Best of good fortune to you.

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Absolutely. I own the series, but just wanted to be sure that even though I didn't close on the phone, I can still close in the ty note.



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 Yes - use the thank you note to close.  Whether you close in the interview or not (sometime I forgot to, sometimes I let the end get away from me...), I always saw the thank you note as another contact point, and used it to reaffirm my interest (e.g., close!).

Good luck.

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I have the DVD but never was able to download to my ipod, do not know why but after numerous attempts, I gave up. So with that said, how do I save to my hard drive?

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If you go to this page:, you can either add the whole series via itunes or right click the mp3 download button under each podcast and choose download linked file.

If this doesn't work, email us at [email protected] and we'll help you some more.