My boss resigned! I can't say it was a total surprise.


It looks like me and the other manager will be the interim boss. I haven't heard whether they plan to keep it like that or hire someone new.


If they do decide to hire, I am wondering should I apply? I have only been with this company 6 months and have received one promotion already. I am in good with my skip boss who will be a key decision maker.


The other manager is good and has been there for years. I think she has a downside to being the big boss and she seems to be a high C and gets stuck in analysis paralysis and really loves documentation to the point nobody is getting the real work done. Plus she only gives each person one task to work on which in my opinion is ridiculous. Most of them were sitting around playing on the computer all day so I gave them more work


I believe my skip boss to be a high D and I'm a high I so we do get on great.


Should I approach the skip boss now about this job?


I think staying there could be a good learning experience but I am also being wooed to do some lucrative contracting work elsewhere.



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You've got an alternative you're exploring. Your boss is leaving. Why not say to the "skip" boss, "I would be willing to consider taking on that role if you think I'd be a viable candidate."

You're not demanding, you're just expressing your willingness.

Don't mention the outside opportunity.


John Hack