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I haven't been able to download the premium content in iTunes for about 3 months - since right about the time that I changed my password on the manager-tools website. I tried changing it back, but I still can't download the podcasts. Is there a separate password that needs to be reset?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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When does your premium subscription expire?

When my subscription expired, iTunes started asking me for my password.


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September...and I just renewed it for another year earlier today.

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Can I assume now that you're set with your password?


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MT Gang,

I just had to renew my subscription for another year but the way I found out was that the password no longer worked for the iTunes download.

I'm not sure whether there's been a glitch both times bust last year I found out the same way.

In my opinion it would be nice to receive a notice letting me know the subscription is about to expire so I can renew before the fact.


1) Is there supposed to be a renewal notice?

2) If not, would MT consider it?


-- Peter

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Yes, you SHOULD have received an email prior to your renewal.  As a result of recent issues, we did find a configuration issue on our end that resulted in some ISPs dropping the emails from our servers.  Our sysdadmin assures me the issue has been corrected.  I guess you'll let me know next year. ;-)

Thanks ... and sorry for the inconvenience!


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 I was in a business trip and I though it was a connection issue from the overseas carrier I used to connect. Thanks, and please send the note out, I was one of you guys did not receive a "reminder to renew".



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Hi There -

I signed up for premium a few days ago, downloaded most of the podcasts through the premium feed. Today my login/password isn't working through itunes. No problem login in to the site

 I did update iTunes yesterday to Maybe iTunes is broken? Ideas?


Can I roll back iTunes?



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Sorry for the troubles. I don't know that the trouble was on our end, but I'm uncomfortable starting with the position that it was *someone else's* issue.

I had your account reset to make sure everything was in synch ... give it a shot now and see if that helps.


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Hi Mike -

Whatever you did worked :-)

Looking forward to meeting you both at the Seattle conference. 


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Thanks, G. Glad it worked out!

See you soon!

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Hi, Mike,

iTunes started asking for my password today, and as people indicated lasts year, it doesn't look like I received a 'reminder to renew' email, either.  Glad to have found this thread to let me know what is going on.  I logged onto the site to verify my password, and am not sure I would have intuitively made it to "my subscription has expired".


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Hi Mike,

I have iTunes on both my home machine (where I load up my iPod), and my work machine - mostly to reference the shownotes and PDF's.  Noticed that before you did the reset, my home machine would not authenticate but my work machine would. After you reset, my home machine is ok but now my work machine fails.

Do your systems check/prevent logins from different locations / systems?


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No difference at all ... It doesn't check location. My guess is that it's a cookie/cache issue. I recommend you try clearing those on your work ccmputer and see if that helps.