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So what exactly is the work etiquette around world cup games that interfere with the work day. Or rather the work day that interferes with world cup. Can I yell GOOOAALL when my team scores?  Or only when it is truly spectacular goal. I.e. I am sure it was completely appropriate when Landon Donavon just scored against Algeria in stoppage time to not only clinch a berth in the round of 16 but to actually win their group.   And I can be forgiven for forming the conga line around the office, yes?  Assuming that US continues their achievements ( I am an optimist at heart) are the pitfalls to be wary of?   What would Mark and Mike do?


Congrats to England and Wendy on their SECOND place win.

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If you really want to be effective in your job, you won't be watching sporting events while you're in the office. You;ll wait until you get home and watch it then, where you can yell all you like.

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I'd be interested in others opinions on this too.

I heard a report on the radio in the UK that 50% of businesses and schools were letting their staff (and children) go home early to watch the match. My company stayed open and had a TV screen showing the match with no sound. Most people watched a few minutes of the match here and there throughout the match. I managed to see the last 10 seconds as I was too busy to leave my desk!

I found it strange that no guidance was given as to what was expected of us. Our IT manager put the screen on when the match started. There was no communication from senior management as to what was expected. I spoke to my team and they all said they were too busy to watch it and were not that interested, so I didn't have any difficult decisions to make.

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Many folks (like myself) record the games to watch them at home later that night.  The hard part is avoiding any news about the game.  I was doing great on this yesterday until I heard the "Goal" cheers from the halls with the additional commentary about it occurring in extended time. I was of course happy about the result for the US, but I missed out on the real suspense of watching it.

These days many folks record TV events, so your celebration may spoil it for those folks.

Just something to consider.



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 As an Englishman I'm not sure I can approve of celebrating Landon Donovan goals. However, some things are just more important than work - and the World Cup is definitely one of those things!

I live and work in Italy - I had spent weeks carefully crafting my timtable - fixing a meeting in the centre of Milan (the office being a two-minute walk from the Football English Pub) that finished one hour before Wednesday's decisive match against Slovenia. Genius, I thought.

On Tuesday my boss came into the office - 'Hey, Mike, you don't mind sticking around in the office after the meeting on Wednesday - there are few candidates I'd like you to interview.'

What could I say? All my careful planning ruined...I had a few options - I wanted to break down in tears but I don't think that would've been too impressive - I could lie - invent some oh-so-important meeting... Instead I just told her the truth - that I was going to be in a pub full of England fans and beer and that there was no way I could do those interviews.

Well, I got to see the match, England won and I've still got my job... Even Landon Donovan's goal couldn't ruin my day



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Clearly  my tongue in cheek humor does not translate well. thanks to all of the comments from everyone.  I did read that more than 1/2 of the Netherlands work force was out last week for the game against Brazil.  

What a great World Cup so far and best of luck to all the remaining teams. My hats are really off to Germany with the win against Argentina.

All rules are off when it comes to the final game!!


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Sorry, I totally understood....should have commented to that effect.

I actually read the posting to my partner & we both had a good laugh about the effect of screaming GOAAAAL in the middle of a (boring) management meeting. 

Of course, that would mean I was fumbling with my mobile device in a meeting, another MT no-no.....

Regardless, I thought your post was hilarious.  Keep your tongue firmly in cheek friend.




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For whatever it's worth, I got the humor and was chuckling over here.  Moreso about the way in which it was written than anything else because, ignorant heathen that I am, I hold zero interest in the sport let alone the tournament itself.  (Izzit over yet? *weary sigh*)  Congrats to all winners along the way & sympathies to all who fought valiantly but unsuccessfully.  (Bases covered now?)

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