I quite enjoyed the Bad Boss #1 series - though I don't have a Bad Boss - I have an awesome boss.  There is still plenty of wisdom in the series.

However, there was a promise of more Bad Boss casts - like the uncommunicative boss.  I have a DR that I share with an uncommunicative boss & would love to give her some better strategies.  For instance, on his annual review for her, he indicated she needed to work on communication.  I asked for clarification - I find her to be an excellent communicator.  He just said "well she needs to keep in touch better".  

The UC also has a DR (not mine) who is a new manager & would benefit from this.

Alternatively, I'd love some direction on where to send them.  They are both highly motivated but discouraged by the managers communication style.


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I agree. Communication is lacking in my company. I'm the only one I know in a five state radius who is doing weekly one-on-ones. I always feel like I'm interruping or wasting their time when I try to provide a status update. I often get, "Just e-mail it to me" which isn't helping us develop a relationship or trust either way.

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Send them to get their Disc profile and listen to the Disc podcasts so they can understand who they are dealing with.


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Is there an "Uncommunicative Boss" podcast coming as part of the Bad Boss series?  It's like pulling teeth trying to get my boss to talk to me about anything meaningful.  Our DISC styles are polar opposites and I have tried everything I can think of to move toward her style. Nothing seems to work.  I could really use some suggestions.