One year ago, I was an officer of a global asset management firm.  I stationed in Shanghai, the headquarter of my company in China.  Eight months ago, I was promoted to middle manager by the CEO and is handling a US$50 billion project.  I got very good pay rise and although my position is manager, my role now is more of a regaional department head grade.

What happened was the CEO disliked my ex-boss and fired her.  The CEO was very committed to develop me.  He gave me a lot of support in work and sometimes the management team thinks his decision leans to me a lot.  Not only I am known to me the "like" group of the CEO, he also told me he is trying to get another pay rise for me asap.

The project I am leading is open a new sales office in another Chinese city.  I see a great potential there.  So, after it is setup, I want to be part of it.  I talked to the future in-charge of that office and she wanted me to be her deputy, that will be another promotion according to my company grading system.

Problem is when I talked to my CEO, he discouraged me on my intention and he also told me he was thinking of leaving the company.  He wanted to to brought me to the next one and can assure another promotion.  For now, after the project complete, he wants me to go back to the HQ and continue helping him.

I am sure experienced guys like you know what is happening.  He spent so much effort to bring me up in a short period.  So, he wants me to be his person.  If I more to another city and become the deputy, he knows I may not move with him to the next company.  People are selfish...

Any suggestion?  thanks.

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First, no one works on a $50 Billion US project, except maybe a central bank moving money.  Opening a new office certainly isn't that big of a project.  Second, why would the CEO tell you anything?  I can see him telling you after he has accepted an offer from another company, but not while he is "thinking" about it.

If the CEO said you are not getting the job, you are not getting the job.  And if he leaves and you stay, will you now be disliked because you were seen as the CEO's pet and did not earn your promotions?

Just some things to think about.

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50 Billion US is 336 Billion RMB. Thats a lot of assets under management for one project. I agree with *RNTT1, it does not cost that much to open a new office in China, even if it was Shenzhen or Chengdu, or even Hong Kong. You could open ten offices with that kind of cash.

Having been in China for 7 years now, what I do know is that it is very common for a senior Chinese executive to leave their current employer and take as many people from the department they manage with them. In China, it is common that most direct reports go with the senior executive.

My question to you is this a Chinese company or MNC in China. Either way you need to make sure that you stick to your values and your career plan. Especially if the CEO is doing some things under the table.

Finally, if you are savy enough to be posting here, I recommend you join the manager-tool group on LinkedIN. There is a China subgroup, and you can ask your question there as well.

See you on LinkedIN Tony?

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Hi all,

thanks for the reply.  Sorry, it should be US$ 50M.  It involved settling up new office, extentive IT, and buying people in.

I think I got what you mean.  Let me just wait and see how the CEO acts.  Thanks.

Thanks, let me find out more about the LinkedIN first.