I am working on a project for my orginization related to improving our leadership skills.  As I'm working through what success looks like, my thoughts drifted to the simple fact that the way we run our business hasnt changed fast enough to adress the changes in our external environment. 

What do each of you see as some of the ways the environment, including employees behaviors, have changed over the past couple years that make it more difficult to lead and/or manager.  Some of the examples I have thought of are more educated workforce, more demanding workforce, less resources to get the job done, larger span of control and probably one of the biggest is communicaton barrier between the generations.

Just curious as to what some of you see as the greatest challenges to todays leaders.


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The most recent and frustrating change has been a push to be reactive.  With down-sizing and the need to do more with less it has changed my focus to more short term (put the fires out) and less long term (develop my people).  I try to delegate as much as possible, but in many cases there is no one to delegate it to.  I find I am taking on tasks that are way out to the scope of my department because those tasks are needed to complete the tasks that I am responsible for.