I'm new to the forum. I did a quick search and did not find this topic. Sorry if its already covered.

BLUF: My boss does not do one-on-ones but recently suggested weekly meetings. I hope that these turn into one-on-ones. What are your suggestions for me, the direct, to 1) get the most out of these meetings for both me and my boss, and 2) turn these meetings into one-on-ones.

I started about two month's ago in an accounting position for a Fortune 200 company. I have responsibilities in 3 different areas of our department (FP&A, Financial Analysis and Accounting), while my boss only manages Accounting. I do work for him about 2 weeks out of the month, FP&A 1 week/month, and Analysis 1 week/month. But there is some overlap which varies by month/time of year. 

Another direct of my boss recently put in 2 weeks notice. My boss suggested the weekly meetings after his resignation.

I feel that I need to communicate between the three areas what I am doing in the other areas and also what the high priority items are in the other areas. In a way I feel that they are all competing for me. There is no clear structure as to how we are going to handle conflicts when all three areas need me at the same time.

I love learning all of the different areas and see it as a real advantage. But I fear that if I don't facilitate the communication then we're going to run into conflicts in the future.

Maybe this post should have been two different topics. I tried to lower the high C in me and keep it brief. Anyways, thanks in advance for your comments. 


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The podcast that covers the situation of the boss who doesn't do O3s, and how to approximate an O3 with them through a weekly meeting is;  "Boss One-on-Ones - Professional Updates" - Manager Tools 11/9/2008.  In your case you are getting a running start since your boss already wants to do weekly meetings.  Pay particular attention to the CAUTIONS outlined in the podcast.


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