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Hi Mike & Mark,

I've been listening to you guys for awhile now.  I purchased your interviewing series in February, not because I thought that I would ever need it, but because I was interviewing people and wanted to know more where my gaps were, so-to-speak. 

I found myself actually needing to use this for my own interviewing skills when I was laid off in August.  I did what you guys recommend in my resume` and in my interviews.  I was amazed at how the interviewers would perk up especially at the end when I would get to the closing.  I was not prepared to have to turn down offers, a great problem to have.

My hats off to you sirs.  I'm always waving the Manager Tools flag, but now especially. 

Thank you,


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I've listened to several casts in the interviewing series multiple times and I'm still absorbing information and gaining insights.  I have been remiss in not posting this before, but the series is EXCELLENT and well worth twice the price.  More, Mark and Mike, more please :)  Thank you for all you do.


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I totally agree. I bought that a few years ago and I still can't believe how much information is in that series.

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I'm glad to hear the great feedback. I haven't listened to the series yet and am excited to go through it.

When the CD set came out, my first thought was my sister. For years I've tried to get her interested in podcasts, but she gets frustrated very quickly with computers and technology. Recently she was talking about changing jobs. I sent her the link to the How to Resign episode. I just bought the Interviewing Series on CD for her. This way she can listen to them anywhere without having to bother with the computer.

Mark and Mike: Thanks for making this available so my sister can learn from the series!

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I managed to convince my boss that the 5th Anniversary Premium Content offer with the Interview Series would be a good investment and she said I could expense it.  I'm excited to delve into the Series - when school and work schedules permit - because I'd love to have Joe's / 12stRing's problem in the very near future!

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