Any suggestions for questions to ask, or things to do or not do, when interviewing someone for a position as your boss? Obviously, I do not make the final decision, but rather provide reactions to my boss's boss.

This is an external candidate, and AFAIK there are no internal candidates (or wannabe internal candidates). The previous person in this position has moved to another position in the company.




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I'd start by finding out what your role is in the interview.  Are you there to ask questions or to sit and listen?  We often have "silent observers" in the room.  Their job is to listen carefully, take notes on answers, behaviours and give impressions.  They don't make the decision, just offer input.  I find this very valuable.

For example, a candidate in our last round commented that the reason she wanted to leave her current job was because it was a high pressure, always have to stay late work environment.  It sounded reasonable to me, until my observer pointed out "that's YOUR work environment too".  So, we didn't hire that one.  I don't have a lot of interviewing experience & my observers do.