How should I ask for the full PD?

A job ad I'm applying for says:

For the full Position Description or to apply email ...

So the person getting my request for a PD is the same person that's going to get my resume and cover letter (it's a person .. not a general HR address). Therefore I don't think I should just say "please send the full PD".

Anyone have any thoughts? Should I craft a short version of a cover letter -- even as short as a single sentence -- to go with my request? I want to be noticed in all the right ways as soon as possible.

What do you think everyone?


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Just be direct and professional.  Something like, "Based on the title of your posting for ________________ I believe I may be qualified.  To be sure, and to avoid wasting your time, please reply with the full position description or call me at 123-555-1234."

If the email address gives the person's name, consider calling the main number for the company or location and asking for him/her by name.  This gives you the advantage of being able to ask about the position over the phone and begin to communicate your qualifications and attitude right away.



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I am not sure what you are afraid of in this.  How about "please send me the job description.  Thanks."