I have recently interviewed for a position in a matrix organization where I have interviewed with both of my potential bosses as well as others in the company.  I am now in the follow up stage and wonder if I should I do the weekly follow up with both managers or just the primary hiring manager?

I am relatively new to Manager Tools, thanks to a friend of mine who recommended the site.  I have found your Interviewing product extremely helpful in this process since it has been many years since I have interviewed.



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It's customary to contact only the primary hiring manager or an internal recruiter. 

  Good luck!

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Thank you for your response.  I have been following up with only the primary hiring manager and expect to have word this week on their final decision.



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Hi Jeff

Good for you on the follow up. As it has been a while since you interviewed, don't be surprised if the manager doesn't get back to you as promised.  Be prepared to be frustrated (hopefully you won't be) and to have to follow up a while longer.  Good luck.