Hi all, just wanted to post a topic to say "Thank you" to Mike & Mark for the podcasts, and forum posters John Hack and particularly Rick Measham for some advice a while back.

In March I posted a topic asking for advice - I'd just started a new role on relatively low pay, and was offered a raise and asked to set my price. It's a little more complicated than that, as I'd never done this sort of work before - and in truth, didn't realise how senior the position really was until I'd been here about 3 months!

It's 11 months since I started, and I took Rick's advice and "got good" at my job, while on the low pay. I'm with the same company, constantly receive good feedback, and now answer directly to the MD and have input into the Strategic and Operational direction of the company. I've been listening to MT for 15 months or so - found the podcasts living in London and got hooked on the idea, well before I was a manager - and went from there to Career Tools when I realised I needed some advice. My inlaws live 12 hours drive from my house (hooray!) in Queensland, Australia, and I've done the trip a few times on my own now, listening to MT and CT the entire way (which is probably border-line creepy).

I'm 26 years old and have no formal qualifications. I started off as a sheet metal worker, pub manager, and now work in Service Delivery in IT. I'm hugely interested in business and passionate about effective and excellent management - but it was only after finding MT and CT that I had the confidence to get out and take a shot at it. I have a lot more to learn, but I've got great teachers, great mentors and great things coming my way! 

Thanks to everyone!


PS - my pay was increased by 60% after 6 months in the role, and the discussion that lead to it was based around Rick's reply to my first post!

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Hi Adam,

Sounds fantastic, always good to hear MT success stories, good luck going forward, you have taken a huge step, but there's many more available ;)

Kind Regards

Mads Sorensen

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