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I sent a request asking about doing an app for Blackberry users like the one MT has for the iPhone.  Response was that they needed more requests from Blackberry users.

Now I know the BB has a lot of detractors.  I bought mine to replace an old PDA and thhe smartphone options I had with our local dealer were small.  I live in a small community and WE BUY LOCAL when we can.  Our cellular provider doesn't provide an iPhone as one of its products.

So, If you use a Blackberry and you want the Manager Tools app available to you.  You have to start asking.  Like most things, where there is a demand, the product will come to the market.

BLACKBERRY USERS ask for your app! :)

Larry Paine, City Administrator, Hillsboro, Kansas

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I would love to have a blackberry App.



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If you can get an email to Wendii, that would help.

what kind of BB do you have?  I just got a Storm 2 in September.


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I too would like a Blackberry App. I have a Curve 8900.

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I would also like to have a Blackberry app. 

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but would love the full App. I know iPhones are popular, but most of the business people I know who work for Fortune 500 companies are BB users, so I'm a little surprised with the lag in development.

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I'm BB user.  

Just like GoodTmes says, most of the people I know who work for corporations are on Blackberry.  Not that we wouldn't rather have iPhones, but it is what it is.


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We've recently allowed people to use an app called Good ( on iPhone and Android for corporate mail.  Works well and meets US Federal requirements (I work at a facility subject to FISMA regulations).  So, now I have my corporate mail and my iPhone apps.  I've got no connection to the company that makes the app -- Just a very satisfied user.  

There still will be lots of people on BBerry, but this might be a route for some to get to be able to merge a corporate world and get at the apps like the MT app.

And, having worked with people who do it, developing for BBerry is significantly harder than iPhone, which is measurably harder than Android. 

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I am sure all your fans would love it, since it is the most widely used business device!

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 Would like to have this app available.  Blackberry Torch.

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 I have both a Blackberry and Android phone so would be happy to see the app on either of those.



Skype: stephenbooth_uk  | DiSC: 6137

"Start with the customer and work backwards, not with the tools and work forwards" - James Womack


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I would like a Blackberry and/or Android app too.


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I use a Bold 9700 and I'd love to see a MT app released for BB.

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I would really appreciate having M-T on my BlackBerry (Torch).

I would also appreciate an upgrade to the iPhone app so that it has better iPad utility.  I imagine that's already in the works.


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I would love a BB MT App. Using a BB Torch

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 I have  abandoned my BB.  Too many technical problems.  I moved  to the iPhone 4S and am enjoying the MT app greatly.

I also use an iPad which has increased my Love for the products.  Still a PC based computer user though.

I see the BB leaving the market.  Didn't want to be the last rat on the boat.

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I find the BB Bold very effective.  I would definitely use a BB MT app.