I saw this interesting article that describes an experiment to see how the rate of your speech affects how persuasive you are. See 


Basically if you're talking to someone who disagrees with you, if you talk fast you're more persuasive. But if you talk to someone who broadly agrees, speaking more slowing is more persuasive.

I thought it interesting to share given that speed of speech is something that varies between the different DISC profiles.



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 I'm not en expert of DISC but yes, the speed DO effect the communication (and then the persuasion). We have preferred senses when we talk about learning / communicating: who's mainly Visual might like a faster speech as he need spot of info here and there to depict the image he has of the topic, who's mainly more Auditive might like a more slow, proper, well spoken speech as he need to understand each words and need time to elaborate.

These are just example but it's better that you take speed (and many other non verbal and paraverbal elements) into account