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I am not entirely sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I'll have a go anyway. I am a student currently studying at Uni in the UK, to gain a degree in Management. I find the course to be interesting, but also quite in depth. I simply wanted to ask how you managers feel the 'Management Theory' that we are taught, i.e. the likes of Herzberg's motivational factors, Hofstede's assessment of culture etc etc. are relevant to the real world, and if you have found use for these theories within your work.

I look forward to your responses.

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Hi Will,

I have done quite a bit of this stuff and in one way I think I understand where your question comes from. 
For me the main benefit on this type of stuff is like DISC to help me understand why people do what they do and it helps on getting a good understand of the fact that people are motivated differently.

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 I think in the real word you'd get a big "huh?" if you'd asked the average manager what he/she thought Herzberg's or Hofstede's theories i.e. most managers are not familar with theories of management rather they are trained in a technical or professional role and end up managing people as a matter of circumstance, company growth......