Hi all,

Recently I was hired by my previous employer for the same position when I left the company. The compensation offered was less than what I was getting because I was hired for some other team.

I refused an offer and did not respond. After some days HR called me for my expectation and I told I expect atleast same salary what I was getting before.

After some revisions and discussions with top managment, they offered me same salary and I was ready to join.

Meanwhile current employer asked me reasons for leaving and I told as I was having problem with relocation.

They offered me accomodation and work from home option and incraese in salary which seemed a best option.

When I refused to join previous employer after accepting an offer, they told me I will be not eligible to join them in future as I had refused their offer after accepting.

I made decision which was good to me. But how fair this type of treatment from my previous company?

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About as fair as it was for you to ask them for something, get it, and then say no anyway.