I have my directs send me a weekly status report every Tuesday.  When I am on vacation I still expect them to send the report so I will have the information when I return.  To tell the truth most of them don't.  Does it make since that I ask them to send the reports even when I am gone?  If so, then I expect feedback would be in order.  I have given them feedback on this every time I am on vacation.  



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It's reasonable to ask for it, and it's reasonable to give them negative feedback for not doing it.

But there's another question - why are you reviewing status reports on vacation?  Do you not have a number two?


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I don't review the status reports while I am on vacation.  I just want my directs to continue to write the reports and send them to me so I will have them in my email inbox when I get back to the office.  It is a way for me to get caught up.  I don't have a permanent number 2. Sometimes it is my boss, or a peer or even one of my directs. 



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Sounds like a lovely chance to do some delegation to your direct reports, so that there's someone to pick up the pieces when you are out of the office ;)

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depending on how long you are gone, you could also use this as an opportunity to have your directs give you a summary of what they did--and pitch it to them as training them to BLUF in their writing.

That's a good skill for them, and you have less to read when you get back.

It also lets them know you trust them to keep working and do well when you're not there--further developing that relationship :)

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FWIW, my past boss (a director) had us send our weekly reports to each other, as well as him.  That is, each of his directs sent a weekly report to the director and all of the director's directs (sorry, confusing language).  I found it extremely useful to get a handle on what was happening in the other groups.  I'm likely to do this with my team leads in my new job (started 1 December).