I have recently found it increasingly difficult to cope with 'conflict situations' (e.g disciplinary meetings etc), and as a result I have started to feel stressed at this and my work in general.  My work has suffered in that I have started to loose focus, attention and this is having a knock on effect to my work.  On top of this we are looking at a MBO (which I will be involved in), and this is also prying on my mind.  I know I need to get on top of the stress symptoms and regain focus, but I am not sure what/ where to start.  I have just come back to MT after a break and have missed a LOT of podcasts.  Is there a particular resource anyone could suggest MT or other that could help me regain focus. 



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Hi Mondos,

Hopefully your problem is already out of the way. If not, here are a few show suggestions that might serve you.

If it is the conflict situation in the meetings you want to address I think all the feedback shows will serve you. If it is the workload I would listen to some of the following suggestions.

 > Calendar Control #1 – Say No

 > How To Choose What To Delegate   or   What To Delegate

 > One Less Thing - Free Up Your Calendar

 > Facilitating Ground Rules To Start A Meeting

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The situation you describe may not be something you can resolve completely at work.

The more stressed you get, the harder *everything* will be. 
While MT can give you tools to manage the stress better, you still have to figure out how to remain mellow both at work and in your personal life.

Do you have a good support network outside of work that you can vent to and discuss what's going on?
That can be really helpful in blowing off a little steam, and also making sure that you're seeing all sides of an issue before you stress about it.

I can't tell you how many times my first response to an email was "*#$#@!", but after I calm down and show it to someone else, they can see a completely reasonable context for something that pushed my buttons. And then I can let go of being annoyed and move on.

The fact that you recognize you're having a problem is extremely encouraging! 
(I know, it's a cliche, but it's also true. Knowing there is a problem is the first step to solving it.)

I'd have to know more about what side of the table you're sitting on in those meetings to give more specific advice, but wanted to make sure you paid attention to the bigger (i.e. not just work) picture.

Hang in there.

(also? Funny things on the internets help: )



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Stay frosty.

Start One On Ones too.

It will get better.

Merry Christmas All,


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No one likes these and they are inherently stressful.  Why did you mention these specifically?  If you are having a run on these types of meetings, obviously they are symptoms of stuff going wrong elsewhere.

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Your right.  There should be less conflict situations and disciplinary meetings and more OoO's.  One of the issues is that the company was up until recently a very matrix built company with a very strong head.  This has changed recently where the 'lines' have been redrawn and some hierarchical structure has been (re-)established.  So post the forum post the 'stress' at work has lessened (on a personal level), the dynamic has changed and there is less push back and the company can press on with being more organized and focused.  It's always good to have less over the shoulder looking and a common goal.  Thanks for your replies and have a good Christmas also 9and New Year!!). 

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Am glad things are turning around a bit. 

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I am wondering if your stress has something to do with some internal issues with you. Have you had similar situations in the past that did not work out so well? Perhaps subconscious reminders of them are at work?