How does September 22nd work for people for our next twin cities meet up.  The 15th is already booked for me.  It sounded like maybe a discussion or recap about annual  or mid-year reviews may be the topic of choice as we are all going through them currently. 

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 The 22nd works for me.  As I recall, we agreed to meet on the Minneapolis side of town next.  I like the suggestion of Harry's.

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I concur.


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Maybe after the Minneapolis Conference in October of next year we will get some more folks to join us. 

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Is there a group of you that meet up on a regular basis? I've been listening to Manager and Career tools for almost 2 years and am pretty new to this website. I'd be interested in sharing thoughts, ideas, etc...

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Hi! I will not be in town in September but let me know if we are having one in October because I can probably make that one with enough notice.

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The 22nd is no longer a good day for me, the 29th would work however. 

tgetchius - We have met once so far, but hoping to make it a regular monthly get together.  As with all things it seems, even monthly meetings are hard to schedule. 

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 29th works for me.  As do the last two Wednesdays in October.

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Hi All,

I work with a group in MSP who have been following Manager Tools for years. The majority of us have also attending their conference.

It would be great if we could coordinate another get together in Feb.