my other computer died but I was able to save my .PST outlook file.  I installed Outlook 2010 on the new computer and tried to set it up to do what it had been doing before - which is receive my forwarded gmail accounts.

Everything works except it won't receive.  I can send, I have all the contacts, tasks, calendars etc, but no receiving of mail.  Any suggestions?



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Are you working over IMAP or POP3? I would advise to double-check the account settings, since sending mail works via a different server than receiving.

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I have checked over and over again...everything seems correct.  Am not using an exchange server, just regular internet from home.  Very strange.

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 You say you can't receive "your forwarded gmail accounts".

Do you have an address forwarded to [email protected] address, and you are trying to setup the address, or are you trying to setup the @gmail address to check POP3 directly from Outlook?

What are the SMTP and POP servers you have listed in Outlook?


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Wow, weird things happen in software coding.

TIMR, I was and't the problem

Oddly, I also could not search my contacts or emails... and when I tried I received an error message about Outlook was still indexing my items...

So I did a search on that phrase and eventually learned about different kinds of safe modes to start and test Outlook functions.

I learned that some add-ins were creating conflicts, so I eliminated them and miraculously, all my emails began downloading to Outlook & I could search directly in my contacts, but not from the email page.  So a little more digging led me to 2 more add-ins, both from iTunes 10 and once I removed them, all was good.