Yesterday morning i heard my temp contract for an internal position is to be terminated per end Apr-2011.

My job: junior Business Analyst. Management told me: "you are an eager learner, hard working, dedicated, motivated, team player BUT we dont have time to spend getting you upto speed.".  I was shocked, but saw it coming. Yes, I am a little low on experience, and yes they need someone who already has extensive experience.

My reply was that i saw it coming, mentioned the great time, good learning experience, and whish to contribute an be of value to the organization until my last day. My manager said he considers me a man who can take fall. He added that he would gladly act as reference for future reference.

The lead analyst has been against taking me onboard since day 1.His arguments were, that he doesnt have time & will to train someone as he has better things to do. Management wants someone to help the overladed Lead but needs his full support. He is the walking talking Oracle of the company.

Officialy, there was no sign of my contract getting terminated. The company even flew me out of country the past weeks, and management wrote in mails about my good work.  My manager wortoe commending emails in reply to my work. Obviously HR, management and Lead Analyst had a talk during the past week(end).

I'd like to know, how come Management commend me on Thursday, then terminates me on Tuesday..? To me, there is no logic whatsoever to their decision.



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"Obviously HR, management and Lead Analyst had a talk during the past week(end)."

The manager who has been complimenting your eagerness and aptitude wasn't the only one involved in making the decision to terminate your contract. Once the decision was made, your manager is doing his job by implementing it as well as he can.

The termination of your contract does not mean that the feedback/praise you have received from your manager is dishonest or false. You admit that you do not have all the experience they need in that position, and the decision to terminate your contract was presumably made on that basis.

Your manager has backed up his praise for you by offering to act as a reference. Keep him in your network.

A "walking talking oracle" who resists help is another issue. :)

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I think flexible probably has it about right.  The fact that an employment decision wasn't logical isn't an indictment of it - they rarely are.

I think the walking talking Oracle didn't like you, through no fault of yours, and that was all that was needed.

It sucks.  If it would help you to have our interviewing series at no charge as consolation, send me a private message and I'll arrange it.


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Hi Merasmus,


It's tough, and i'm sorry you were let go. Something similar happened to me many years ago.Iit's hard and as many things that happen to us in life, sometimes they are not logical at all.

I encourage you to take Mark up on his offer for the free interviewing series and invest in the book Rites of Passage by John Lucht. The interview series will give you the How To regarding Interviews. Rites of Passage will allow you to think long term in terms of your career, and that there are many ways to look at such events as opportunities.

As for Mark, very cool offer. As we say in Jamaica - Respect!


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I recently terminated the contract of a temporary employee who also had applied for a full time position.  I hired an external candidate instead. Out of 35 applicants, my short term, temp candidate came within the top five but two other applicants rose to the top for me and I chose from those two.

I really like my temp and she received a lot of affirmation. I can see how she might think there is something "off." How did she get such good feedback and yet not get the full time position? My positive feedback was genuine.

But, as a temp she never had to perform at the level I would have required of the full time person. She did a good job for what she was asked to do but I had reason to believe the added demands might be too much for her. Also, there were some deficits in key skills around writing and numbers that I could live with in the temp but not for the full time position.

So, here's an example of how a manager could have made such a decision and it might appear inexplicable to the candidate.


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Thanks for all the feedback.

I've spoken to my manager, he said that my work & attitude has been great, but, they have not resources to train me. Last week they decided that with upcoming projects & workload, coaching me will be impossible, and therefore chose to terminate my contract.

I have to admit the job was my dream!!  Business dropped me in middle of the ongoing afairs at Operations, Finance and Application Management, everyone is a spcialized professional whith >5years experience at the company. I had to swim.  I've love this job, the company, the location, the challenges here are unlimited. Fortunatley, my boss is willing to be my reference, as well as the Lead Analyst.

I do what is advised in the podcast: look back, reflect & see what I learnt, to use in my next experience. Better luck next time.


Thanks for the offer. Manager-tools podcast has been of tremendous help. 


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